David Blasco is a talented singer/songwriter.

He is a classically trained musician who majored in music in college and has worked as a minister in several churches in the past. He has also traveled around the country performing in churches and other venues in around 20 different states.

He sings a variety of styles of music and his style is uniquely his own. It is something of a combination of contemporary christian and traditional folk music. He accompanies himself with his acoustic electric guitar doing a variety of popular christian songs mixed with some of his own compositions.

Below is a video of a song David sang in a church one sunday:

Fly Away With Me

By: Jamie Owens-Collins

YouTube Video

Below is a demo recording of one of the songs he wrote:

Those Who Honor The Lord
By: David Blasco

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David may be available to come and sing at your church or group. If you are interested in having him minister to your congregation,  Click Here  and let us know.


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God bless you.

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