To SEEK God is the highest ambition a man can have.
To KNOW God is the highest accomplishment a man can achieve.
To SERVE God is the highest work a man can do.

The true value of a man's life is not measured by the possessions he has accumulated or the social status he has achieved or the political power he has attained or the dreams and goals he has accomplished in his life. The real value of a man's life comes from knowing and serving the true and living God and His son Jesus Christ.

With our dying breath, we will not likely boast of our accomplishments in this life.

When death comes, the masks are stripped off, the images we have carefully created to disguise who we really are will drop away, and the real truth will be known. All our earthly beauty will be gone. Our bodies will decay and return to the dust.

At that time we will be judged by the love we have given to the unloved and unlovely, the sacrifices we have made for the undeserving, the helping hand we have extended to the ones who cannot afford to repay us, and the sincerity of the worship we have expressed to the God who has given us life and breath and who alone is worthy of our praise.

God alone must be our highest priority.


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