Below is a summary of some of the ministries we have done and are currently doing.

Prayer - Prayer is central to who we are: “An army on its knees.” Jesus said “Ask and you shall receive,” and we believe what He said. Intercession, spiritual warfare and the ministry of deliverance is accomplished primarily though prayer and fasting. If you would like to meet for prayer with others in our community, please contact us.

Music - Worshipping God is one of the most important things we can do as believers. Personal and corporate worship is essential to our spiritual well being. When we lead worship we bring people into the presence of God using songs with guitar accompaniment. Our style is mostly worship and contemporary Christian with some traditional hymns. We also do skits, testimonies, prayer and stories sprinkled with humor. We also do services in rest homes, retreats and camp ministry.

For more information about our music ministry or to receive a free worship CD, click here.

Evangelism - The greatest gift we can receive is the gift of salvation. Jesus said “What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul.”

Publishing - We publish music, tracts, CDs and other Christian literature that can be used to reach the lost and bless the body of Christ.

Jail Ministry - Jesus told us to visit those in prison. So we have done that in different jails and prisons around the state. We have written letters, provided counseling and transportation, attended hearings and helped locate resources for inmates and their families.

Homeless Ministry - Jesus told us to minister to the homeless. So we have been actively engaged in providing assistance with housing for the ones that God has brought across our path.

Mentoring - Jesus told us to make disciples and so we are involved in the ministry of mentoring. There is a need for mentors in our local schools to help our children in their learning skills. And so we look for opportunities to minister in this way.

Repair Ministry - Using the ministry of helps we have engaged in doing repairs at churches, camps, and in individual homes. We have done this for free or at a reduced cost.

Radio Broadcasting - We are experienced in radio broadcasting as a talk show host and with a weekly radio broadcast called God’s Love For Today.



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