Prayer is a wonderful privilege. We can actually approach the creator God boldly through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and bring our requests to him. We come to him as our loving Heavenly Father. There at His throne we can find the help that we need in our times of weakness and trouble. 

Please join us in prayer together. Below is a list of some prayers that you can pray with us. It would take hours to pray through all the topics listed here, so choose the topics that interest you the most. Just click on the link and it will take you to that prayer topic.

If you need prayer,
CLICK HERE to leave a prayer request for our prayer team. 

Lord's Prayer - 
Lord's Prayer 

Worship - Worship 

Whole Armor Of God - Whole Armor Of God 

Binding Evil Spirits - Binding Evil Spirits

Cleansing - Confession & Cleansing 

Family & Loved Ones - Family & Loved Ones 

Share The Gospel - Share The Gospel 

Fear - Fear

Psalm 91 - Psalm 91

My Destiny - My Destiny

Tender Hearts - Tender Hearts

Problems - Difficult Problems

Drugs - Drugs 

Divorce - Divorce

Revival - Revival  

Elderly - Elderly

Exposing Secret Sins - Exposing Secret Sins 

Elections - Elections

Justice - Justice

News Media - News Media

Denominations - Denominations

The Latter Rain - The Latter Rain

Schools - Schools 

Simple Prayers - Simple Prayers

Being A Soldier - Being A Soldier For Christ

Warfare Prayer - Warfare Prayer

Proclamations - Proclamations

Ten Commandments - Ten Commandments

National Sins - National Sins

President Trump - President Trump

Miracles - Miracles

God's Humble Army - God's Humble Army


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